Depending upon your personal circumstances it may be advisable to have a separate Will to deal with the disposal of any assets you have in Cyprus. If you rely on the provisions of a Will made in the United Kingdom to deal with your Cyprus assets this may cause delays for you Executors in administering you estate. This is because the Grant of Representation issued from the Court in the United Kingdom will have to be re-sealed in Cyprus. It may be that your assets in the United Kingdom do not warrant the obtaining of a UK Grant of Representation and therefore unnecessary costs would be incurred. 

If you have a Will which was made in the United Kingdom do not rely on this Will to deal with your Cyprus property without having sought expert legal advice from professionally qualified solicitors. It is compulsory for solicitors and lawyers to be registered with the Cyprus Bar Association in order to give legal advice in Cyprus. In addition to checking such registration, you must ensure that the solicitor has experience in dealing with Wills and Probate matters in both Cyprus and the United Kingdom. Any additional expense at this stage may save substantially more later.  

Important Notice

Please see an important notice regarding changes that may affect your existing Will.

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