A subsequent marriage will automatically revoke your existing Will unless you made the Will in contemplation of such marriage to your particular partner and this is stated in the Will. If you do not make a new Will after your marriage you will die intestate and your estate will be distributed in accordance with statutory provisions.  

You should review the provisions of your Will on a regular basis. We suggest every three to four years to take into account any changes in your circumstances. It is imperative to review your Will when :-

  • You get married, separated or divorced
  • You have children 
  • You move house
  • One of your Executors or beneficiaries die

If you need to make major changes to your Will, it is best to have a new one prepared. If there are only minor changes, these can be done by adding a codicil. You should never make alterations to your existing Will yourself by crossing out sections or adding words. This will invalidate your Will.

You do not need to change your Will if any of your beneficiaries or Executors changes name or address. However, you  should let your solicitor know of any changes to address or names so that they can update their records. 

Important Notice

Please see an important notice regarding changes that may affect your existing Will.

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